Alpha Healthcare is a Canadian family owned and operated corporation with a diverse range of divisions.

The divisions are all health related which is core to the foundation
of Alpha’s roots.


Alpha Laboratories Alpha Laboratories – Medical Division

Alpha Laboratories offer a wide array of diagnostic laboratory and imaging tests using state of the art equipment under the expert direction of in-house medical directors, pathologists, hematologists, radiologists and scientific consultants.
Alpha builds quality into everything they do. It begins with their selection of people, processes and technologies, and ends with the timely delivery of accurate test results to you, the ordering physician.

For Physicians

  Alpha understands the vital role timely laboratory and imaging tests play in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

  Alpha’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer service ensures timely and accurate reporting of your results.

  Ultimately, people make the difference. You can rest assured that Alpha’s highly trained technicians understand the nuances of your particular laboratory and imaging orders.

Laboratory Services

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For Patients

  Undergoing diagnostic tests? Our caring staff will guide you every step of the way.

  Alpha’s laboratory and imaging technicians will guide you through what to expect before,  during and after your procedure.

  To learn more about your particular test or procedure, and how to prepare for your visit, click on the applicable link below.

Laboratory Tests

Patient Service Centres

Medical Diagnostics Division Alpha Laboratories – Diagnostic Imaging

Our multidisciplinary team of leading radiologists has expertise in all medical imaging specialties and provides professional interpretation services and consultation to referring clinicians.
Our skilled technologists and support staff are dedicated to provide high quality patient care.Each member of the team plays a vital role in facilitating patients through their procedures and achieving quality outcomes.

We understand the importance of diagnostic imaging procedures, providing exceptional quality in imaging which are critical to determining the plan of care. Our imaging facilities offer easy access, flexible appointment scheduling, fully digital technology and a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
We look forward to serving you!

Diagnostic Imaging Services are available in the following modalities:


Our community focused outpatient diagnostic imaging centres serve patients and physicians in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Centres are easily accessible by public transit and have ample free parking.
To book an appointment please see Diagnostic Imaging Centre Locator for addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, maps and directions.

Diagnostic Imaging Centres

Alpha Laboratories – Analytical Division



Alpha’s Analytical Laboratories division offers a wide range of industrial testing procedures – both qualitative and quantitative – using physical, chemical and microbiological methods.

Medications, foods, nutritional supplements, beverages, cosmetics and veterinary products are typical of the types of products Alpha evaluates every day. Our testing procedures comply with a number of standard methods, including USP/NF, EP, BP, FCC, JP, AOAC, HPB, and AOCS.

Learn more about our analytic testing capabilities


Alpha’s microbiological division has several years of experience in vitamin and antibiotic assays, microbial limit tests, preservative challenge tests, amongst others.

Learn more about our microbiology capabilities

Alpha’s automated analyzers, and integrated information systems, provide a seamless workflow throughout the test cycle from sample entry, worksheet generation, result entry and report generation.

Alpha Global IT



The goal at the Alpha IT division is to help busy health care practitioners provide a better care experience through the use information technology.
For more than a decade, Alpha IT – the information-technology division of Alpha Healthcare – has been continuously developing and delivering innovative electronic medical record solutions to meet the needs of busy health care practitioners.

  Our integrated clinical and practice management software, GlobeMed, provides caregivers with an integrated and comprehensive view of a patient’s medical profile.
  In Ontario GlobeMed is eligible for provincial funding.
  Alpha IT provides a full range of support services, including telephone support of GlobeMed, and several earlier medical software packages, through a team of dedicated in-house technical and clinical experts.
  Alpha IT also offers a full range of hardware/software consulting and custom-development services.

Medical Arts Facility



Alpha owns, operates and manages state-of-the-art Medical Arts Centres across the Greater Toronto Area. Our sleek, light-filled spaces are popular with health practitioners and patients alike. In addition, we offer our medical tenants the best of both affordability and convenience — from value-added services that make it easier to get your practice moved in and running, to total facilities management that keeps your practice accessible, safe and clean. We take care of it all so you can focus on delivering quality patient-care.

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