Since Dr. Joseph Kurian and Kuttimol Kurian opened a single medical laboratory back in 1971, Alpha Healthcare has grown to become a diversified healthcare services company that provides wide a range of solutions for health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and the individual patients they serve.

Today, Alpha has offerings in several areas including medical testing laboratories, diagnostic imaging clinics, medical arts facilities, industrial quality assurance labs and information technology solutions.

Alpha applies their decades of experience, commitment to research and innovation, and a personal touch in everything they do to enable health care professionals deliver superior patient experiences.

Our Mission

Alpha Healthcare exists to develop and deliver innovative solutions, that enable the health care community to provide superior patient experiences.

Our Beliefs

As a family-run business with many long-service staff, it is no surprise that Dr. Kurian’s vision of making medical technology accessible to all health care providers is distinctly evident in Alpha’s day-to-day operations.

As you explore this website and learn more about Alpha Healthcare, we hope that you get a sense for our core values, namely:

    Innovation – pursuing new creative ideas that have the
potential to change the world.

Ownership – people taking care of the company and its customers as if they were their own.

Community – contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

alpha people

Our logo

Dr. Joseph Kurian named the company, and developed the brand symbol featuring a stylized letter ‘α’ (representing the Greek symbol of alpha). The square represents our pursuit of perfection; the dot in the center represents the pupil in a human eye, studying everything that we do. Together, the symbol represents a company with vision, in the pursuit of perfection.

Alpha Research and Development

Advancing the state of medical knowledge and clinical practice has been part of Alpha Healthcare’s ‘DNA’ since the company opened its first medical lab in 1971. Despite the accelerating pace of new developments in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment – and the pressure on practitioners to ‘do more with less’ due to the aging population and constrained funding – Alpha remains firmly committed to its mission: Advancing Healthcare for All.
Recognizing that the burgeoning field of information technology offered new possibilities for improving the quality of patient care and enhancing healthcare outcomes, in 2000 Alpha created Alpha IT – a division of the company focused on conducting innovative information

technology research and developing practical IT solutions to contemporary healthcare challenges. Alpha actively engages in strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions in order to jointly explore new frontiers in healthcare research and practice. At present, Alpha has ongoing research and clinical placement agreements with three leading Ontario universities: University of Waterloo, York University and University of Guelph and Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences. With a number of patents and contributions to advancement of science, Alpha continues to advance healthcare for all.

Our Roots

At Alpha we believe it is the circle that has entrenched our Roots. That Leadership and direction does not come from the top and penetrates itself through layers of bureaucracy. That each of us has something valuable to contribute and with this process the circle is complete. Like the Knights of the Round Table. The table itself was round so all had equal voice that was valued.

We all have the power to make the difference and create something special.
Join the circle and make that difference.


A core value at Alpha is contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility. We want to have a positive influence on those who come in contact with the company – employees, customers, suppliers and patients.

Our Community

The images on this page represent a small sample of the events that Alpha and its employees sponsor across the many communities where they work and live.

Alpha Community

Supporting children sports programs

Supporting children sports programs

Kids Sport

In support of our local Hockey team North York Lynx

kids Hockey team North York Lynx

Local Canadian P.J Groenke

Dream to Compete in the Pirelli World Challenge (PWC)

Canadian P.J Groenke in the Pirelli World Challenge